Posted by: gdevi | August 17, 2013

A wonderful day

We celebrated Nic’s baby shower this afternoon at the Two Sisters Center. First baby in the English department in a long time. SueAnn made this delicious basil lemonade and the super dessert–individual servings of the “groom’s cake” (the British one with Mcvitie’s digestives) with biscuits and a mousse made of sugar and cream and dark chocolate. Incredible. I ate two of those. Lisette made the delectable vegetable enchilada with corn and black beans and green pepper. I made couscous and ratatouille and nargisi egg koftas. The food was great; everything turned out incredibly good.  Nic’s friends from the department and the university came. Little Jacob got a lot of wonderful, sweet and useful gifts from everyone. Dayani made a tie blanket for Jacob. I stitched two baby blankets and half a dozen burp clothes with a nice lace trim. I found these wonderful flannel fabrics at Joann’s Fabrics. And I love sewing. We finished the ceremony by doing this bangle ceremony for Nic that we do for pregnant women in India. Hindus do not hold baby showers for pregnant women. We usually do not buy anything for the baby until the baby is born and has seen 28 moons. We celebrate the baby with gifts and things on the 28th day of the birth by holding a naming  and thread ceremony.   We buy new things for the baby only after 28 days have passed. So, instead of the baby shower,  we celebrate the mother-to-be with a bangle ceremony in the last trimester. All the women in the family and the mother-to-be’s friends will bring all kinds of wonderful gifts for the mother-to-be, and then put all kinds of different colored bangles on the mother-to-be’s hands, even number for the right hand, and odd number for the left hand. Then we give all kinds of wishes and blessings to the mother-to-be.  We believe that the baby can hear the lovely sound the bangles make, and our blessings and wishes, and can can feel all of it. I got some lovely Indian bangles, and we did the ceremony for Nic this afternoon. It was beautiful. Take care, Nic and Michael. We are all waiting to see Jacob.

Nic with Bangles


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