Posted by: gdevi | August 11, 2013

My doppelganger

When I was in Montreal, I needed a haircut, and so I went to this place on Saint Laurent. I have short hair, and I felt that my hair had grown out and I wanted it cut back. So I was in the barbershop chair, and the haircutter, a young man, walked up to me, greeted me in French, washed my hair, put the bib around my neck and started cutting my hair, all the while talking very familiarly to me in extremely fast Quebecois French. I am sorry, I interrupted him, but I don’t follow you. It was also strange that he had not asked me how I would like my hair cut. So he stopped and asked me, “What, aren’t you Hyacinth?” I said, no. I am not Hyacinth. “Haven’t you been to my shop before?” He asked me. No, I said. I have never been here before. I am here for the first time. “Aren’t you my customer?” he pressed. No, I said, not really. This is the first time I am coming to your place for a haircut. I don’t live in Montreal, I said. Wow, you look just like Hyacinth, he said. That explains, I said. Am I getting Hyacinth’s haircut? I asked.

You know, in Penny Lane, there was a barber who showed photographs of every head he had the pleasure to have known, and here was this barber who had cut Hyacinth’s hair in the past, I mean really, felt her head and scalp, in a three dimensional way, as barbers do, and he found my head to be identical to that of Hyacinth’s. Isn’t that something? I believe I have a doppelganger in Montreal, by the name of Hyacinth, a very unusual name, to begin with. Now I have ended up with Hyacinth’s haircut, for the time being. Very strange. It is not exactly how I would cut my hair, but close, and more sort of Judy Dench like. So I guess it is okay. Hello, Hyacinth.


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