Posted by: gdevi | August 4, 2013

An evening walk and Obscene Horror (no relation just a conjunction)

1. An Evening Walk

Today I took the metro and went to the Jean Talon market and nearby in search of something for gifts. What a wonderful market. Got some groovy things for you, honey. In the evening, Najat invited me to her place for dinner. She lives quite close to the Universite de Montreal. We had a lovely evening. Najat made delicious risotto, salad and baked salmon. It was lovely to see Najat. This has been such a productive visit. I was going to take the bus back to Outremont from Najat’s place. But then Najat showed me this shortcut through the park and walked me to Avenue Bernard, and I walked all the way back to my aunt’s house. Took only 20 mnts. It was lovely to walk in the brisk evening air. Tomorrow or Tuesday I have to visit the Cinq Saisons to buy the chocolates and cheese for everyone.

2. Obscene Horror

Apparently, they have created the first entirely lab-produced and cultured beef hamburger. I find this obscene. More obscene than a woman sitting with her legs apart for some man. I know what is going to happen. Soon, after this enterprise to create beef meat in the petri dish becomes commercially successful, we will declare animals unnecessary and inefficient. Since, apparently, right now the only reason for a cow to live is because human beings need to eat its meat. As this creepy scientist in this article put it, “Cows are inefficient.” Really? Cows are inefficient? Nature is inefficient? In whose books? I find this line of thinking and argument vulgar and obscene. It is true that you have to feed a lot of grain to the cow so you can kill them and eat their sweet tasting flesh. As vegetarians have always known, if this “waste” of grains traumatizes your weak hearts, why don’t you just eat that grain yourself, and leave the poor cows to pasture in the grass?  I am so glad I will be dead and gone before all this vulgarity becomes the rule of the day.



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