Posted by: gdevi | August 2, 2013

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

My aunt and I spent a couple of days in the Laurentian Mountains with her friend Merrily Weisbord. Merrily  was a close friend of our writer Kamala Das and wrote a wonderful book about her – “The Love Queen of Malabar” — a literal translation of “Malabarinte Sneharani.” The Malayalam phrase has a kind of Mother-Superior connotation. The Laurentian mountains are very old mountain ranges, and Merrily’s father had purchased these hundreds of acres of pristine woods and lakes a long time ago. Now Merrily and Arnie and the children and grandchildren use the place for their summer homes.  It is a blessed place, and I was completely happy to see Merrily’s garden, and spend time there, walking in the woods, meeting their friends, talking books, reading, and briefly swimming in the lake.  I have always wanted to sleep in a room with a sky window watching the stars at night; I did that at Merrily’s house. I have some pictures here. You have to understand that the entire garden is built on solid granite boulders and massive rocks, each the size of a temple elephant. It is an incredibly beautiful place. All the flowers are there: echinacea, daisies, salvia, coreopsis, silver mount (see the silver mount growing on the massive boulder?), yarrow. I met one of Merrily’s friends, Frances, who did this beautiful stone work at the front door. And I found those driftwood pieces, so beautiful, like two people in a strange embrace. Beautiful, don’t you think? Merrily wants us all to come back next year, my dears.  Why don’t you move to Montreal? she asked.

ps: Merrily introduced me to my very first hardboiled detective fiction writer from Mexico — Paco Ignacio Taibo II. I am reading Return to the Same City. What a character! I had no idea that Mexico had a hardboiled tradition! Wonderful writer!




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