Posted by: gdevi | July 10, 2013

First crop of the season

I have spinach, green onions, okra, tomatoes, and zucchini coming up, but here is the first crop of the season. Raspberries. They are delicious and I have been eating them all day!

IMG_0904Thursday update: I picked about hundred raspberries today, ripe, red berries hanging at the end of their thin strong stalks. I got pretty scraped up trying to pick them; raspberries have thorns. And then, I touched a pile of my gardening stuff that I keep to one side of the yard, and that is when the wasps all flew out in a swarm and started to sting me.  Holy mackerel and a half! I ran inside and instead of googling for first aid I called my pharmacist. I did not know this but apparently you could make a paste with meat tenderizer and put that on the stings.  I did not have meat tenderizer at home. I ended up getting this product called Sting Kill from the pharmacist–the main ingredient is Benzocaine with Menthol and it is making the stings bearable. Fortunately, I didn’t have an allergic reaction to the stings. Actually, I am fine now.

I am going to give some raspberries to the turtle.  I have been feeding it corn and bananas and it loves it. It is the cutest thing — when I open the cage, it walks up to me with its outstretched neck and splayed feet–there is no other way to describe what it is doing — and I put a piece of diced banana and it snaps it out of my fingers. Snapping turtle indeed!


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