Posted by: gdevi | July 9, 2013

Power outage again

Unbelievable, but I feel like I am in the set of Groundhog Day. But, just like last year, there is a full blown electricity outage in our neighborhood and it happened quarter to midnight. I was doing some sewing and sitting with the dogs and watching a movie on Netflix when the power went out. It has been raining and thundering and sort of storming the past few days. Maybe that is what this is. Everything is dead and dark here except for this IPad with the LTE. I hope your fish tank will make it through, honey. I guess I will have to wait till morning to find out what is going on. Anyway, both Daisy and Jesse are lying next to me. Since Sally is blind I guess this makes no difference to her. I have candles. I have thrown open the windows. I am relieved that there is very little perishable food in the refrigerator. Unbelievable. The same drill again tomorrow as last year — open the garage manually, go somewhere and get a cup of coffee in the morning. Unbelievable.

Electricity outage update: Power came back around 5:45 this morning. Good. All creatures great and small are doing fine. But what endless rain; I am not complaining. But I can’t mow the yard if this continues. The yard needs a haircut.


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