Posted by: gdevi | June 29, 2013

Fog Upon LA

I am so pleased with my Beatles article. I will post a link to the journal when it is published, but here is the abstract.

“Blue Jay Way”: Natural Imagery and Ecological Ethos in the Beatles Song Texts

 Abstract: References to marine and land animals, birds, and the occasional insect abound in the music texts of the Beatles songs. These references perform multiple textual functions, the most obvious being allegory as in the cases of the famous “Blackbird” or “Piggies.”  A closer examination of both the lyric texts and the structure, arrangement and production values of the songs, however, reveals several more interesting, and perhaps, experimental and avant-garde uses of non-human figures and sounds. In this article, I examine some of these distinctly avant-garde functions of the Beatles songs, of which, an emergent dialogue pertaining to the future of the natural world appears to me to have endured from their particular contexts down to our own times. Through a textual analysis of the animal, bird and other natural imagery in both their lyric and musical production contexts, I discuss an emergent ecological ethos in the Beatles songs. I also examine how the ecological ethos of the Beatles songs not only responded to the ”natural world” as “content,” but also as “form,” which, in their hands, and through their musical arrangements deeply energized the possibilities of popular music itself.

Here are some great animal and bird songs by the darlings –

Hey Bulldog (cover by the Fannies)

And your bird can sing (ha!)

Norwegian Wood/ This Bird Has Flown

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite (it was instant love–the very first Beatles song that I ever heard –I was 11 years old —  instant love — I would sit on our swing and sing the entire Sgt. Pepper album both sides in order)


Blue Jay Way

I dig a pony

Everybody’s got something to hide except me and my monkey

I am the walrus

Octopus’s garden


Rocky Raccoon

The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill


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