Posted by: gdevi | June 25, 2013

Chipmunk Stew

Do you have a good recipe for chipmunk stew? If so, send it to me, please. We are having chipmunk stew for supper tonight. And chipmunk chocolate banana pancakes tomorrow morning. Chipmunk zucchini stirfry for lunch tomorrow. And chipmunk cordon bleu for supper tomorrow night. The little buggers are in my vegetable garden. They are trying to eat my vegetables. I don’t like killing living things. I tried various things posted all over the web– garlic, chili powder, jalapeno. I think they like spice. Nothing worked. The only things I have not tried are coyote urine–I don’t possess the fortitude to wait for a coyote to pee in front of me–or cat urine etc. Just the mere idea freaks me out. I also found a website that sells a motion-activated owl figure that will supposedly scare the chipmunks off. Oy!

ps: While on the topic of critters, I want to recommend a wonderful article from the 1958 Saturday Evening Post entitled “Offbeat Sounds for Sale” by a gentleman by the name of Sidney Shallet (October 18, 1958, pp 42-43). It is under copyright so you will have to go through a library to read it, but it is a wonderful article. I am writing an article on the use of animal and bird sounds in the Beatles songs, and was doing some research on the history of animal, bird and natural sounds in song recordings — the first sound recording of Edison was “Mary had a little lamb,” of course minus the lamb, and I still remember the barks in “How much is that doggie in the window?” etc (apparently not a real dog bark) to the truly fantastic sounds of “Tomorrow Never Knows” — I am writing about the animal sounds of the Beatles music text, and Shallet’s is a great article about how natural and non-human sounds became portable. Beautiful.


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