Posted by: gdevi | June 21, 2013

Celebrity Name Generator / Wine Tasting Industry Generator

Here is a  funny article on celebrity name generator, occasioned by the name for Kanye West’s and Kim Kardashian’s new baby. Apparently the man who wrote such despicable songs as “Perfect Bitch,” and who can forget, Katy Perry’s “ki-ki-ki-kiss me you’re supernatural extraterrestrial first I am going to disrobe you then I’m going to probe you” etc has allegedly named the child “North.” “North West.”

I sometimes hear this man’s songs on the radio and it astonishes me, really. The love songs are so despicable. In so many of the popular songs by these men and women these days–they are like soul-derived songs too in this respect–you would think that the person they are singing about–the person that they “love” — their girlfriend boyfriend husband wife etc — is either a porn star or a prostitute. Amazing, really.

ps: I love word generators–the more automated they are, the more interesting they become, don’t you think? It is as interesting as a game of scrabble, but for words. I give games like this when I teach morphology, especially for compounding. Here are four words that my students always have great fun with in compounding — sidewalk, alligator, daughter, cactus. You should see the words they come up with, and their potential meanings! We have great fun making different heads, and analyzing the syntactic classes of the new compounds.

Anyway, while on the subject of generators–even the vapid name generator of celebrities — here is a wonderful article by an economist on what he calls the “bullshit” of the “wine-tasting industry.”  I don’t drink, I know nothing about wines–my interest is solely academic–and this is a great article by an economist with a good amount of linguistic philosophy thrown in. It is appropriately titled “On Wine Bullshit: Some New Software.” It was linked to this article on the junk science of wine tasting. If the actual PDF link does not work, then go through the article.

Here is a link to an excerpt from Prof. Frankfurt’s essay On Bullshit, Princeton University Press, 2005.


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