Posted by: gdevi | June 5, 2013

Painful times in Chicago

Did you know that you can possibly sing the Rolling Stones song As Tears Go By like an elementary school performance of an aria from Swan Lake? Well, you can. If it makes your head hurt to visualize this, let me subject you to the real thing. Watch Taylor Swift performing As Tears Go By with Mick Jagger in Chicago here. Mick Jagger, all that stuff you smoked over the years has clearly clouded your aesthetic judgment these days. Or maybe you just don’t care who gets to scribble their name on your wall. Is this your deathwish? What is this, Rolling Stones? Whatever it is, this brought to my mind–and in general, I am a peaceful person who is not foul-mouthed at all–all kinds of expletives. I was frying some salmon and making some couscous with roasted vegetables when I heard this %&$^#$&^*&*&(&(*&%.  Taylor Swift, why don’t you go and sing about being mean or something? You know you should Never Ever Ever Never Ever sing this song again. And just to clear my head, I immediately listened to Screaming Jay Hawkins singing about real pain.

Potential horror scenario: Mick Jagger might sing “Mona” with Justin Bieber. I will probably go into a coma then. I absolutely love this song; I personally think “Mona” should replace all the wedding marches in churches. It is the ultimate love song. Like Conrad’s narrator said in the Heart of Darkness, “O, the horror! The horror!”


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