Posted by: gdevi | May 20, 2013

Sally and the Bear

It was around 6:15 in the morning, I had taken our oldest, blind, smallest dog Sally out in the front yard, when I saw the big black bear about 50 feet away from me, across the street, standing under the big oak tree at the edge of the neighbor’s front yard. It was just standing, occasionally making like it would like to move or walk, but was basically just standing there. It was not interested in me at all, it soon became apparent. It was looking intently at Sally. Sally is completely blind and could not see the bear at all. She was walking around in the grass stumblingly, occasionally looking in the bear’s direction. I think the bear might have looked at little brown Sally and thought, what a delicious morsel. I wish I could eat it for breakfast. Anyway, I silently and quietly turned Sally’s leash towards the house and walked deliberately back into the house. I didn’t know if it would run after me and Sally. But it didn’t. It sort of looked like a dumb bear. It was still standing there looking longingly at blind Sally when I got in the front door and shut it. I stood behind the glass door and looked at the bear. From a distance, it actually looked kind of cute. I called K and D to come and see the bear, but by the time they got downstairs, the bear had walked up the hill towards Jim’s and Susan’s house. An interesting morning.


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