Posted by: gdevi | May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the grandmothers and mothers!

You know, some of the best movies about mothers are not about mothers at all. But here they are, anyway. Think of them as a kind of control group in this vast experiment called motherhood.

John Cassavetes, Gloria (1980) – one of the best movies about motherhood I have ever seen. Gena Rowlands is  terrific in this movie.

Walter Salles, Central Station (1998) – a very very interesting movie from Brazil. Fernanada Montenegro and Vincius de Oliviera are just terrific.

Andrei Konchalovsky, Shy People (1987) – often a perverse and painful movie to watch, I like it because of its sheer spectacle power, and its mythical portrayal of the mother as the land itself — and great, great cast — the great Barbara Hershey, Jill Clayburgh, Martha Plimpton, Patrick Swayze. All of them are fantastic. Great soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. One of my favorite movies.

ps. Just for the record, I wish to note that I just checked the weather and guess what? It is supposed to snow here tonight. I am going to go out and mow the front and back yards. I had thought I would do them next week after the finals. Amazing, really.


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