Posted by: gdevi | April 12, 2013

Conference day 1

I attended an interesting panel on early Fascist films in Italy. Very interesting. I absolutely love Walter Benjamin’s essay on Mechanical Reproduction of Art, where he essentially identifies fascism as the conceptual moment of cinematic technology. Very dispiriting, but what a way to think about it, isn’t it? It is a gorgeous hypothesis. So I was looking forward to learning some more about the topic, but this panel was talking about certain specific directors and films, and not so much conceptually. Apparently, they were extremely popular. Just goes to show you that art has nothing to do with what is moral or ethical. You can make any kind of nonsense sound really pretty and beautiful, and you and everyone else will buy it. Read Dostoevsky, nation! Still, an interesting presentation. All the clips looked extremely homoerotic to me. Fascism always comes across as homoerotic. Sort of like wrestling.

I also attended another panel on the construction of maternal identity in contemporary Italian films. Very interesting papers.

Another interesting panel of documentaries.

I am so tired now. I am too tired to go somewhere and eat something. I got some almonds from this snack shop downstairs. I think I will eat that for supper. I am glad to hear your cough is getting better, honey. Keep gargling with salt water and keep some Luden’s cherry drops with you. I will see you Sunday.


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