Posted by: gdevi | April 11, 2013


I am waiting for my final hop skip and jump from San Francisco to Eugene, Oregon. I got into SFO at 11:10 am and my Eugene flight departs at 3pm. I left at 3:45am this morning from home, drove to State College, made the 5:45 am flight to Philly, then Philly to SFO. I miss you honey. I wish I were a farmer and didn’t have to go to conferences. Love you honey and see you on Sunday.

I just had the most delicious BLT without the B from this place called Klein’s deli in Terminal A. Lovely toasted bread with avocado and fresh fresh tomato and lettuce and some sort of tasty mayonnaise. And a cappucino. I was hungry; I hadn’t eaten since last evening supper time.

A while ago, an elderly woman in her seventies who looks like Judi Dench approached me and asked me if I would help her put on her pressure sleeves. She told me that she recently had mastectomy and because all her nymph lodes have been removed from both arms she needs to wear the pressure sleeves when she flies–if not, her arms would swell because there is no lymph to drain the fluid naturally. She told me that at home her husband helps her.  A very sweet woman. I helped her put on the sleeves. I used to do this for my clients all the time when I worked with the disabled folks in Grand Forks. Pressure sleeves on arms and legs. This woman looked so much like Judi Dench. You know when I was growing up in Trivandrum, at the British Council library–this beautiful building–great collection of British and European books–the British Council used to have these English theater posters. There used to be a 10 foot poster of Judi Dench there. I thought her the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.  I think I have been unsuccessfully trying to copy Judi Dench’s haircut all these years! I can’t wait for my hair to turn completely white!

6:15pm: I just got to the Valley River Inn, the conference hotel. Oregon is so incredibly green, the contrast really really striking to me coming from brown Pennsylvania. Two other professors who are here for the conference–from Bucknell and SUNY Buffalo — and I took a taxi together from the airport to the hotel. The taxi driver gave us some quick history of the town and showed us the Willamette river, apparently the only river that runs North. Eugene looks very beautiful. I have to go somewhere and get something to eat and finish my paper.

9pm: I am completely out of sync with the pacific time or the adjustment they use here. I went to find something to eat — I had some shrimp teriyaki at this Japanese place — all the cooks and the servers were Hispanic — and finally I got back and checked time in PA and it is midnight. Sorry my dears; I don’t want to call and wake you all up now. But the brisk long walk did me good. I was sitting for so long in that plane.


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