Posted by: gdevi | April 5, 2013

Conference day 2

It was just wonderful to meet Lilly Ledbetter. What a woman. Incredibly gracious, humble, totally informed about everything, self-directed — just a wonderful, wonderful woman. Thanks MTSU for giving us this opportunity to meet Lilly.

I drove back to Nashville and thankfully got through security did my scarecrow posture etc and am now waiting for my flight back to State College. If I had time I would have liked to have attended some music thing at the grand old Opry. I have always wanted to. Honey, I got you and dad Johnny Cash T-shirts. Nic, I got us both signed copies of Lilly’s book.



  1. Oh my Dr. Devi, what an incredible opportunity!

  2. Yes it was. Try and read the book, Cassidy, if you can. These are amazing stories. Growing up picking cotton in Possum Run, Alabama, poor, working in welding plants and tire factories. Incredibly strong woman. Very funny too. To me, it is up there with meeting Margarita Drago. Take care, Cassidy. Dr. Devi.

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