Posted by: gdevi | April 3, 2013

LHU April 2nd event

I just want to note what a wonderful turn-out we had for the LHU April 2nd Advancement in Women’s issues/ Title IX in Athletics and Academics event we held yesterday. The Women and Gender studies program, the PCSW and the HOPE center co-sponsored the event. We were totally pleased because our athletic director who just retired, Prof. Sharon Taylor, was our featured speaker. We were initially thinking maybe 45 people–but we soon had to move the venue to a bigger place. We had over 150 people attend last night — LHU students, student athletes–the women’s field hockey team, softball team, and lacrosse team–LHU alumni, faculty, staff; it was just a wonderful event. Sharon, as usual, gave a great speech, and showed us all kinds of memorabilia and souvenirs from the 80s and 90s from when she was coaching and involved in instituting the Title IX mandate in athletics at LHU. What a wonderful gracious incredible teacher, coach, athletic director, mentor, colleague and friend she is! So many people spoke and paid their respects and honor to Sharon and for the great recognition she brought to LHU. President Willis gave a great tribute speech to Sharon. Thank you for everything, Sharon.

Now I have to finish teaching three classes, and drive straight to State College, and get on that flight to Nashville, Tennessee for the Women and Gender Studies conference at Middle Tennessee State University, in Murfreesboro. Nashville is the nearest airport to the university, so I am renting a car in Nashville and then driving to Murfreesboro.  I will miss you, honey. Be good with dad for a day. I will see you on friday.


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