Posted by: gdevi | March 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Dayani

Happy Birthday to you!

Love you and god bless – Dad, Daisy, Jesse, Sally, Fergie, Mama

(Fergie is Dayani’s new box turtle.)

Dayani, you were supposed to be born on April 12th, but then on the morning of March 31st, my water broke. It was around 7 in the morning. Dad was getting ready to leave for work; I had taken leave by then. So I told dad to take me to Baylor Hospital. Dad took me to the hospital, and they took me to the labor and delivery room. Then Dad had to go to work and then rush to DFW to meet my mother, your grandmother who was coming to stay with us for a while to help take care of you. I have a very low threshold for physical pain and each time I felt the contractions I thought I was going to faint. I kept asking Dr. Brothers if she would give me the epidural right then and there and she told me that they have to wait until I was dilated 6 cms. So I was in mortal pain till about a little past one in the afternoon, and then the epidural person came like an angel with a big syringe in his hand. It was incredible. After he administered the epidural, I felt absolutely no pain whatsoever. I could easily understand why people get addicted to drugs etc. But even with the epidural, and with so many human beings born naturally and through c-section standing around me, until I actually gave birth to you, I really did not believe that a woman would be able to give birth to a full human baby naturally. It just did not seem possible at all. I was fully dilated by about 5:30 or so in the evening. By then my mother had arrived from India, and came from the airport to the hospital to see me for a few minutes, and then Dad took her home so she could rest; she had been flying for nearly 21 hours. Dr. Brothers asked me to start pushing you out around 6:30pm and then at 7:25pm you were born. You were 19. 5 inches long, and 6.25 lbs. You had lots of dark hair. The doctors and nurses could not believe how much hair you had. You took to us as your parents without much fuss. The wonderful Dr. Schorlemer came to see you the next day, your first pediatrician, and said you were sound and firm of limb. Then everyone came to see you. When you opened your eyes and started looking at us, you had a “hello, world” kind of expression on your face. We were all happy that you had arrived.

Here is your new “favorite” song. Happy 13th birthday, my dear child. Remember to study well, make good friends, and good choices. God bless.



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