Posted by: gdevi | March 9, 2013

LHU University Players, My Window to Yours

I want to congratulate and thank the University Players, Prof. Ramona Broomer and the faculty, staff and students of the Visual and Performing Arts department, and the LHU SAS for putting on a wonderful show for the campus and the community for this glorious weekend in March – the play *My Window to Yours.* The play, co-written by Louis Lopez, a Theater major, and Christopher Rex, an English major, I learned today, is the first entirely student-written and student-directed play to be produced at LHU. It has apparently had sold-out shows since it opened on the 6th. It is very good, and really funny. It is a comedy.

I have taught Christopher or C-Rex as he is known (no relation to the dinosaur) in several of my English classes, and he has always struck me as a young man with an instinctive gift for humor, mimicry and theatrics.  He could do dialects in my linguistics class with perfect ease, for instance. *My Window to Yours,* apparently evolved as a play out of an idea for a comic that Lopez had, which he and Rex then worked on to transform as a play script. Our young students would be able to relate to both the plot and the themes of the play really well. It is a sweet story of a grouchy, solitary young man, Jerry, who has not left his apartment now for a few years, and whose entire social life revolves around conversations he conducts with his puppet, Nez. The funny complications arise when his room-mate and sister try to pry him out of this pit, and get him to have a social life with something other than a puppet. Jordan Mangis, another of my students, plays Jerry with the right amount of self-absorption, self-pity and general confusion so that while we pity him and laugh at him, we also know that he will have to change and become a person who can stand on his own, without a puppet, or being a puppet. Jordan shows this arc of transformation really well, I thought.  He plays Jerry and the voice-work for the puppet Nez really well. Keon Colter as his room-mate Nigel, Emily Holmes as sister Becca, Christina Jones as the “blind” date Cindy, and Kay May as the homicidal lawyer-turned-puppet salesperson all gave wonderfully entertaining performances.  Good job, all!

Countdown Theatre is a small, intimate space. It is the perfect test for comedies, because if your jokes bomb, they bomb loudly and conspicuously. I have to say that the entire playtime was filled with genuine chuckles and laughter from the audience; all the actors did such a good job with their lines, their facial expressions, their gestures, the physical comedy etc. The first scene following the intermission starts with Nigel having a nightmare, where he is being chased by hand puppets, while Alice Cooper sings Welcome to My Nightmare in the background. The light and sound controls of this scene were wonderfully comedic. Very nice job, Louis and Christopher, and the whole cast and the crew.

I believe they have one more show left. If you have not seen the show, please consider paying a visit.  These are talented young men and women.


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