Posted by: gdevi | March 7, 2013

Jack White and the Yanomami Tribe (no relation, just a conjunction)

You know, after I watched that documentary It Might Get Loud with Jimmy Page and Jack White, I sort of like Jack White’s music.I especially like his costumes–he looks like he stepped out of Clockwork Orange.  So here is an interesting interview with him from the Guardian. I can sort of understand what he is talking about — the summer that I had finished my Masters and was getting ready to do my MPhil in India or come here to do my PhD, my advisor, Dr. Panikker sent me to the house office of this writer who had just passed away. They needed someone with some training in textual studies to arrange his papers. So my friend and I spent some time in that house going through this man’s papers and organizing them and cataloging them–archival job. It was fabulous. Boxes and boxes of all kinds of textual materials to go through and archive and arrange in some order. It was such a wonderful time. Sounds like Jack White had a great time doing this reissuing thing.

Also, here is an article about the Yanomami Indians and the anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon.  Remember that Donald Sutherland Diane Lane movie Fierce People? And the kid Anton Yelchin? I saw it years ago, but I think this is the tribe that is mentioned in that movie. It is not a bad movie at all. We don’t actually need a “primitive tribe” as a reference point to conclude that what drives most pockets of western or eastern or whatever “civilization” is, as the movie makes clear, “f***–kill–make money.” This is why developed nations appear to work so sincerely for world peace — so they can do all three in leisure.  Interesting movie and interesting article. I want to read this book.

Also, an appreciation of Steve Goodman, a wonderful musician, a great heart. What beautiful wonderful funny and sad genius songs–Chicken Cordon Blues, The Dutchman, which apparently he didn’t write, but he sings it so beautifully– a beautiful song, almost like a short story– The Wonderful World of Sex, Vegematic, Men Who Love Women Who Love Men,  City of New Orleans, A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request, My Old Man, Banana Republics, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Watching Joey Glow, Auctioneer’s Song,  Elvis Imitators, Talk Backwards and on and on. (Actually, in my family, when we were growing up, we had this thing called “chorichu malluka,” which is actually the phrase “marichu cholluka” which means “talking backwards” said backwards.  My youngest uncle, Ramesh doctor, who passed away last year, was an extremely accomplished backwards talker. He could sing entire songs backwards.  It was incredibly funny. You could take these horrendously weepy songs and sing them backwards and they were nonsensical. We all listened to him and just copied him. See he had figured the songs out backwards; we merely imitated him, like you would imitate a new language without knowing what in the world you were saying. Steve Goodman. Steve Goodman.)  Yes, an all expenses paid weekend for three at Six Flags over Burbank. What a chilling thought! Tear that telephone off the wall right now! I would have loved to have seen Steve Goodman play in a concert. All the people I would have loved to see play in a concert are dead, except Sonny Landreth and Mark Knopfler.



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