Posted by: gdevi | February 25, 2013

Quick thoughts on the Oscars

Quick thoughts on the Oscars–I will write about it later when I have time — but boy, things have taken a turn for the darker, haven’t they? The self-deprecating of the industry has always been rather benevolent and self-serving under Billy Crystal except for last year when I felt a definite edge, but Seth McFarlane has taken it a whole notch up. It was quite interesting and funny in a mean way this year. I thought the entire spiel about Seth McFarlane being a bad host was unnecessary and its only point this sardonic deflation of vanities. The “We saw your boobs” song and dance routine signals an entirely new ethos to the thing–since when is the industry shocked by anyone’s boobs? And the definite emphasis on the “losers” was also rather new–the “The Way You Look Tonight” song and dance routine at the beginning and the “Here’s to the losers” song that ended the show both stressing that this is a show of vanities and looks, and that for many, that is all that it will be.

Argo was an interesting win; though terrible if you are an Iranian living in Iran.  It was an okay movie–an old-fashioned thriller with no special-effects whatsoever. That deserves recognition. I didn’t think it was Oscar material. I am glad Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway won the actress awards–both good actresses. I hope they will go on to do good things. I was totally thrilled with Tarantino’s screenplay win–the only real “imaginative” writer in the group, I think. So much of movie-making is all this “Everyday people” kind of thing– I personally think television is killing movies as a unique art form–and then once in a while you see things by Tarantino, or the Beasts of the Southern Wild movie, which is really, really imaginative.

I thought the entire thing with Michelle Obama giving out the best picture award was horrific. [I think Michelle Obama likes the show biz a tad bit too much.] My god, are the movies turning into government propaganda now? All the right values and helping children etc. I was horrified. I hope somebody nips the White-House-Hollywood connection in the bud.



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