Posted by: gdevi | January 16, 2013

Loud Interlude

I have tremendous amount of work to do–endless research reading and writing–but I wanted to note here how lovely it is to listen to rock music as the background music to writing.  It is so sad that nobody plays music like this anymore.  Real rock music always reminds me of Indian classical music. So sad that nobody plays like this anymore. Anyway, I am taking a break to make supper for everyone and I want to note here my soundtrack to work on a snowy day like this. It was a great day to snack on smoked salmon and crackers and research medieval Arab satire.

Cream, I Feel Free (I absolutely love, I mean love Jack Bruce’s voice and this song particularly.)

Cream, Sunshine of Your Love (the most inebriated drug-addled performance of the song–nevertheless a great performance)

Jimi Hendrix, Sunshine of Your Love

Jimi Hendrix, Voodoo Child

Jimi Hendrix, Castles Made of Sand

Led Zeppelin, Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Led Zeppelin, No Quarter

Led Zeppelin, Houses of the Holy

Led Zeppelin, Bron Y Aur Stomp

Led Zeppelin, In My Time of Dying (I really love this song, and I am convinced, every time I hear this song, that both Robert Plant and Jimmy Page would have made fine fine fine Hindustani musicians. What a fantastic fantastic song! Definitely one of the greatest songs of all times, of any time.)


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