Posted by: gdevi | December 14, 2012


W. A. Mozart, Dies Irae

W. A. Mozart, Requiem in D Minor

Verdi, Requiem Dies Irae

I had just finished proctoring a final exam and had come back to my office and my Guardian homepage was up on my computer. I had just casually glanced at it when I saw the Connecticut elementary school shooting headline running across as breaking news.  I feel so horrified. How can you kill someone else’s child? How can you kill, period? But how can you kill someone else’s child? The amount of bad karma this person has unleashed today in the world will have unknown effects for years to come. He has completely destroyed 20 parents, 20 families who have lost their children within a matter of seconds, and he has killed teachers and staff at this school. I am shocked that the white house released a statement saying that this is not the time to discuss gun control. Wrong, President Obama. This is exactly THE time to discuss gun control and gun legislation. The aftermath of a horrific elementary school shooting where 5 and 6 year old kids have been gunned down is exactly the right time to talk about gun control. I hope, we, as a nation, will take a good honest look at what we are doing. This murder has our national human signature on it. I will remember these families this Christmas. If I could give them my strength, take it, please. I cannot imagine how any parent would survive something this unnecessary and meaningless. Oh, dear god, dear god.

Dew evaporates;

And all our world is dew

So fast, so fresh, so fleeting.  (Issa on the death of his son)

3:15pm: I just heard President Obama’s speech. It was a good one; he is angry. I hope you will do something about this, President Obama. I really do.  Forget the parties. Forget the NRA. Forget reelection and democrats and republicans. Forget all that. Things like this should never never happen. It should never happen. It should never happen. You know, President Obama, you did not get elected because you are to become the first African-American president. You were elected to change the gun laws in this country. You must leave this as your legacy. This horrific killing has destroyed nearly thirty families forever, twenty of them losing their 5 and 6 year old kids. If this does not break the conscience of the country, what will?  You must restrict and control the gun-lobby in this country. This is why you were elected.


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