Posted by: gdevi | November 22, 2012

Jim Carrey as the Black Swan

Jim Carrey is a very gifted comic; I find him incredibly funny. I didn’t see the SNL that Carrey did, but you can find it on Netflix. Here is Jim Carrey playing Lily, the Black Swan in that abominable movie The Black Swan.

Jim Carrey as a New York band.

Jim Carrey in Soul Train.

Thanksgiving update:

We had a good thanksgiving. Lisette and Mark came over. Lisette baked a delicious chocolate cake and Mark made a wonderful green bean casserole. Since the standard turkey is too much meat for too many days for the three of us, K always makes Cornish hen for thanksgiving; so we had Cornish hen and stuffing and K made some scallops as well. I made garlic mashed potatoes with caramelized leaks and garlic on top (specially for Lisette), cranberry relish, corn casserole, and salad with endives. I made some salmon for myself since I don’t eat meat. They all had wine (Folonari Valpolicella and Pinot Grigio), and Dayani and I had sparkling cider.  We had crackers and cheese (smoked gouda, feta and boursin) for appetizers, and Lisette’s chocolate cake and ice cream (Friendlys!) for dessert. Lisette brought me this beautiful pink Amaryllis potted plant; I will take good care of it through the winter. It is sitting right next to my books, dear Lisette. After dinner, we watched Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog, K’s favorite movie that Lisette and Mark had not seen before.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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