Posted by: gdevi | November 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Joni Mitchell!

I meant to post this last week but was swamped with work, but happy birthday, dear Joni Mitchell!

I cannot really tell you how much I love Joni Mitchell. I love Joni Mitchell as much as I love Ella Fitzgerald and Mahalia Jackson, the three musicians that I really really love in the western canon. Some day before I die I want to write about the music of these three women.

Happy Birthday, Joni Mitchell! Thank you for the lovely lovely lovely songs!

Here are some of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs–it is so hard to pick–I love entire albums–but here are the ones that really appeal to me–I mean I would write something like this —  in no particular order:

Little Green

Furry Sings the Blues

Refuge of the Roads

Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire

Come in from the Cold

Two Grey Rooms

Night Ride Home

Yvette in English

The Sire of Sorrow


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