Posted by: gdevi | October 26, 2012

Spooked out at Sloan / Leaf Haven

Hope you are all enjoying this balmy late October evening before Sandy trounces us in the near offing.  I took my daughter and her friend, Britt, to the MuertaCanto pirate terror extravaganza at Sloan theatre this evening, and I must say, we were all appropriately spooked out. The theatre students did a fine, fine job with the costumes, the Pirate lingo, the debauchery with the Rumfustian, the languorous pirate beauties etc. Sloan floors looked really spooky with the strewn tortured bodies in chains, dim lights and the fog and the strange smell, and every time a zombie pirate lurched towards us with a bloody sawn-off limb we all screamed instinctively.  The pirate cannibal doctor was very spooky, so was the plague-infested mad character (?), and a couple of really scary ladies called a Mistress and her servant who terrified us in a room with strobe lights by walking towards us like we were their munchies. My student C. Rex spoke pirate English the entire evening, in character as Mr. Salt, and I must say I was totally impressed, though at times it sounded like Northern Irish to me. I do think it was an impressive dialectal performance and I am thinking of a 5 point extra credit for our linguistics class this semester. Thanks, theatre department. What fun! Very nice job, kids!
What a beautiful, beautiful evening, right? After the terror extravaganza I took Daya and Britt and we walked around the campus; we really didn’t want to head home. It is incredibly warm here, and the whole town is swimming in leaves. Swimming in leaves.

Our street and house covered with leaves, and a few snapdragons and autumn sedum still in bloom:


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