Posted by: gdevi | October 22, 2012

Mitt Romney hates teachers – 3rd presidential debate

I only have one thing to say–Mitt Romney said I love teachers I love teachers I love teachers so many times towards the end of the debate that it can only mean one thing: he hates teachers.

He is a rich racist, and as Gore Vidal once observed about American rich people in general—if you administer truth serum to the very rich and ask them, hey, very rich, what do you think of poor people? They will tell you how much they hate poor people. To them, if you are poor, you are stupid. They will tell you, how much they believe poor people are standing in their way while they are galloping onwards to make more money in America. And I think Romney is racist too–underneath it all he has a problem with a black man being the president; a lot of people in this country have a problem with a black president. Romney has no real plans for anything — he would do everything Obama would do, but more, and a lot faster, more completely, and with more money. I forgot to add too that Romney was suddenly all about “peace.” He spoke so much about “peace this” and “peace that” that at one point I thought he would break out into a duet with John Lennon. It is all so creepy. A crude man. If Romney wins, then I don’t know what I will do. What a horrible thought!


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