Posted by: gdevi | October 11, 2012

2012 Nobel Prize in Literature Mo Yan/ Vice Pres. Debate

First ever mainland Chinese Nobel laureate, Mo Yan.

Vice Presidential debate update:

After watching this evening’s VP debate, I have to say that I am completely baffled by the Republican party. I think they are literally insane, and completely out of touch with pretty much everything. I was just reading yesterday about that gentleman from Arkansas Fuqua who quoted the Bible and said that the government should give parents the right to impose the death penalty on rebellious children—he quoted Deuteronomy as his source. My god, what a freak! As I said, I had just read that yesterday, and I thought at first that it was a spoof about Republicans, and then I realized it wasn’t, and that Fuqua really truly believes it and I was just completely stunned by that. Republicans are really insane. Listening to this Paul Ryan was even more disheartening but in a different way.  He is an ambitious, mean-spirited, small man showing off. He reminded me of Tom Cruise. He came across as so dumb on pretty much everything; I dislike him as much as I dislike Dick Cheney.  I hope nobody votes for the Romney-Ryan ticket. It is not that I am a fan of President Obama these days–I have always liked Joe Biden–but I think Romney and Ryan would positively sink this country into a morass.  I might have to move to Siberia or the Yukon territories.  These are such horrendously trying times that we are living in. I am sure this country is groaning with each drivel out of the mouth of these candidates. Oy!


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