Posted by: gdevi | October 10, 2012

Dayu’s horses

My daughter wants to buy a horse. So she has been drawing pictures of horses. Beautiful, aren’t they?

My name’s Dayani and I’ve been taking horse riding lessons for 2 years now, and I’ve fallen in love with my racing horse..Punkin. She’s an appaloosa and she’s 12 years old. (which is pretty young for a horse!) I’ve been begging my mom and dad to buy punkin…but sadly it costs quite a bit of money to buy all the tack,blankets,halters, and food. So, I got bored and drew these pictures by eye and boy oh boy did my hand hurt after that! I’m hoping these pictures might persuade my parents into getting me one. CROSSING MY FINGERS.

1. This is a picture of punkin while she’s loping.
2. This is a picture of Apple’s Delight.(or AD) He’s the most craziest horse you can find. But we love him!

3. This picture is for our horse satin. She recently found a new home and she left the stables. She was a vanilla sort of color with an almost white mane. She was gorgeous.

Thank you, Dayani. Now, scoot.

I was thinking about the strangest things kids ask for. When he was very little, younger than my daughter, in fact, Appu, my brother — must have been eight or nine years old — he asked our mother one day, “amma, can I have an elephant?” The elephant from our Siva temple used to come by and he had seen that elephant and thought it might be a good idea to have an elephant. So amma told Appu, no, Appu, we cannot afford an elephant. Elephants are very expensive to buy and to keep. They need thousands and thousands of rupees.

Later that week, amma, Appu and I went to some store to buy something. This was the time when these new types of erasers had just come into the market.  They didn’t look anything like the Pink Pearl erasers. They came in all colors, and they had a wonderful smell to them.  They smelled like they had rose essence or something like that in them; they smelled of sweetmeats. They came in all kinds of colors–lime green, rose pink, sky blue, lilac, custard yellow– and with their small, diamond shape and their wonderful smell, they reminded you of Turkish halwa or kozhikkodan halwa. In fact, I knew several kids in my class who used to take a bite out of them occasionally. So anyway, Appu walked up to the aisle with the school stuff, pencils, pens, geometry box, erasers etc and asked amma,”Can we afford an eraser”?

My daughter thinks that it is the easiest thing to keep a horse. I ask her, we live in the city, next to the university. We cannot keep horses within city limits. A horse needs to be worked and exercised everyday. We are all gone from 7 am to 5pm. What is a horse going to do? She wants to get a horse and keep it with her trainer at their barn. I have a strange feeling that one day I will come back from work and find a horse in the front yard.


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