Posted by: gdevi | September 17, 2012

Gary Johnson’s Pornographic campaign video

I was looking through YouTube to find some good campaign videos to show for a pre-election informational panel we are putting together for students. I was looking for videos where we get the “gist” of the candidate and their platform, their priorities, their promises etc etc. I found this video for Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate that not many people are aware of and who is also running for the president of the united states. It is a pornographic video specifically targeted at women voters. It is one thing to have sexual innuendos in all realms of popular culture; f****** is the hypogram, as Saussure would say, of anything and everything in American popular culture these days. You feel polluted most of the time watching movies or watching TV or listening to music or glancing at a commercial. But it is an entirely new way to feel polluted when the sexual innuendos creep into political campaigns.

Watch the commercial here.

Gary Johnson is a handyman, the ad claims. Handyman is a sexually appropriated corrupted word in our discourse and register. Men don’t need handymen; it is women who call upon handymen. He is also a bycyclist, a mountain climber, and something else athletic–I forget what. Are these essential qualifications to be a president? Roosevelt was a paralytic who governed from a wheelchair. The “virile body” image is also meant for young or middle-aged female voters. Male voters are not interested in the virile body of our wannabe president.  The ideal audience for this virility ad of a candidate is women. In fact, we are shown the chopped off torso of women (and one black-skinned man) applauding Johnson as he climbs Mount Everest. Mount Everest? Mount Everest? What does that have to do with being the president of America? I have no reasonable answer for that one. The really pornographic part of this ad though is the intentional delay and buffering in showing the candidate’s face. The ad waits until the very last minute to show the candidate’s face. We have seen his body from feet up, and finally the camera pans to his face, lip up. Oy! You see the cute-looking middle-aged man calling himself the “handyman” for America. The ad further goes on to tell you that he is “absurdly honest” and “socially cool.” At this point in the ad, he is wearing a t-shirt with a Peace sign.  Really, someone can be “absurdly honest”? And it is “socially cool” to wear a Peace sign t-shirt? Which female demographic are you trying to seduce?

Unbelievable. Please do not vote for Gary Johnson.  Especially, if you are a woman.

Other interesting things happening in the Texas desert: Halliburton lost a radioactive source somewhere in the Texas desert. Stay 25 feet away if you should come across it during your hike or on your bike. This is really like those 70s movies! The China Syndrome meets Zabriskie Point!


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