Posted by: gdevi | September 4, 2012

Mayor Julian Castro

I am really not a fan of President Obama these days–I wish him well in this election–but I have to say that I absolutely loved the speech of the San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro. I hope and I am sure that he will one day become the president of this country. I think he is very much, very very much to the left of Obama–I have followed his political career for a while now–but at least now, nothing he says or does is an act. I was listening to him speak and tears welled up in my eyes; I realized how much I miss and love Texas, all the wonderful wonderful women and their men and their children that I taught and worked with.  You want to see poverty, go to Texas; if you want to see boot-strap, go to Texas; you want to see people living through sheer force of will through the most ugly politics and the George Bushes and the James Bakers and the Ross Perots imaginable, go to Texas.  You can ignore the entire parasitic Neiman Marcus culture, and there is a lot of it too. But you want to see the kindest, most honest people, go to Texas. A Texas liberal is a great gift to civilization. I hope Mayor Castro will become the president of this country some day before I die.

Rain update: Major storm, lightning, thunder and rain here. Beautiful! I feel like I am in Trivandrum! In between the downpouring of rain I hear acorns splattering on the deck. Very strange.


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