Posted by: gdevi | August 12, 2012

Little Shambhu

We came to Houston on Friday and seeing my nephew shambhu and my niece ketaki or luma as we call her is like seeing appu and me when we were kids. Shambhu is nine now and looks exactly like appu did, and luma looks exactly like I did when I was fifteen! Amazing. Luma is learning Korean and knows everything Korean now and we went to a Korean grocery store — it reminded me of the strange chinese grocery stores in Dallas but i couldn’t find any interesting chinglish samples there. I ate some extremely hot kimchi; it was delicious. I might take some back with me to LH. I have not seen my daughter since we came here; they are upstairs permanently watching stuff and playing . Today we spent the afternoon with my cousin Ravi and Beena, and this evening we are going to our old friends Ravi and Praveena to spend the night with them at their house in Galveston.We saw an incredibly bad movie yesterday–Bourne Legacy–I have not seen anything dumber in a long time. It was 103 degrees yesterday; incredible. Shambhu wants to come to Pennsylvania; yes, Shambhu, Pennsylvania has bears, deer, tigers, crocodiles and trees!I am taking you with me,  Shambhu!


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