Posted by: gdevi | July 27, 2012

July 27th updates

6:30am – No electricity yet. PPL has still not removed the tree on the powerline I think. I am going to walk down the hillside in a bit. I am going to feed the dogs and walk down to campus to work. I have to get all the film conference things done this morning. I so badly want to clean the yard–full of fallen branches. I will do it this afternoon when I get back. I slept wonderfully though last night with no electricity–all the windows open and the storm outside. If I can’t be in the monsoons, the monsoons will come to me.

9:30am: PPL said that there are 755 customers without power in this area. I fed the dogs and came over to Avenue 209 where I can sit and work for a while and most importantly eat something; I have not eaten a thing since yesterday afternoon except munch on some peanuts. My student Jared is working here now and he just made me an enormous cappuccino, and a bagel with egg and cheese. Thank you!  I am going to stay here and work till late afternoon; I hope to get everything done. So much work!  Scott and Joy, our neighbors went and got a generator, and they said I could keep some stuff in their freezer if I need to. I think I might take them up on their offer.

From :

End of the day tomorrow, it looks like.

PPL Electric Utilities continues storm response
PPL Electric Utilities and contractor crews are working Friday (7/27) to bring customers back into service following Thursday night’s storms. Damage in some areas is extensive and will take significant time and effort to repair. Some jobs will require multiple crews.

We are bringing back customers every hour and expect that service will be fully restored in most of our service areas by end of day Friday. Some customers in our Susquehanna region – which includes Sunbury, Lock Haven, Bloomsburg and Williamsport – and the Pocono and Honesdale areas of Northeastern Pennsylvania are expected to be restored by the end of tomorrow (7/28).

We face a large number of individual trouble cases – more than 650 as of Friday morning. This means the pace of repairs will be slower in some areas because each individual job will restore only a few customers.

We have 750 linemen, electricians, tree crews, logistic crews and assessors in the field, with additional personnel on their way.

Crews have made strong progress to restore customers in all parts of the company’s service area. About 12,800 customers remained without power as of noon Friday, while 66,000 had been restored since the start of the storm.

As always, we will work as quickly and safely as possible to restore all customers who are affected by these storms.

We urge customers to report all outages by calling 1-800-DIAL-PPL (342-5775) or online here at the Outage Center. Your calls can help us identify problems more quickly and accurately.

Also, please stay safe: Stay away from downed wires and tree branches, and be sure to operate generators outdoors.

3pm update: PPL is hard at work in our neighborhood; with any luck we might get power back today.  They have brought technicians from the outside I think; I see Wisconsin Power company trucks here.  But you can never tell, so Dayani, I took your fish to SueAnn’s house so the filter and pump would work and they won’t keel over. First I emptied your 13 gallon tank to a weight that I can carry so I can transport the fish to SueAnn’s; SueAnn came over and helped. I also took most of the frozen food over to SueAnn’s refrigerator and freezer. Best of all, SueAnn and I figured out how to make the garage door work manually  and get my car out. This way I can go somewhere to get something to eat this evening; I am thinking Texas Diner. I am trying to clean up the yard with all these branches and twigs; nothing like some diner food to replenish you! I might just go ahead and mow the yard itself; what the heck.

7:10pm update: We just got electricity back in our neighborhood. Thanks, PPL for working so diligently! I am so tired–I cleaned out the whole yard, picked up all the branches and twigs, even got the branches off the garage roof standing on that horrible ladder and getting the branches off without breaking my neck. I have left a few way up on the joint of the roof for you to clean, K, when you are back. I think I will make some rice, fry some fish, and cook some of the eggplants from my garden for supper. A bath and a good movie. Have fun hiking in Scotland, K, D, and family!


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