Posted by: gdevi | July 26, 2012

Great Storm

The great storm is here. I was doing some work for my film studies committee and listening to some music when all of a sudden a massive lightning struck and the electricity went out. It is only quarter to five here but it is as dark as nine o’ clock. Daisy, Jesse and Sally all ran to me and started to crowd around my feet; they are deathly afraid of storms. So there is no electricity and god knows when PPL is coming over with their ladders and poles to fix things. It is so dark in here–candles and torchlight is what it will be. But you know what this ipad works–all this LTE stuff is good –the wireless router is dead with no power but then the ipad switched to cellular– no electricity, no phone, no light but the cellular works. I tried to call PPL the utility folks to check on when power is coming back, and the landline is dead.  The rain is incredible. Incredible. I will have to do a lot of cleaning tomorrow–the driveway is  littered with branches fallen from the trees. Today I finished teaching my high school kids; what sweet kids–really hardworking and responsible. Keep in touch,  okay, and if you should come to LHU for university, stop and say hello. Now I have to grade all their final papers and post final grades. I guess I will sit here and watch the rainstorm! Halki barish!

7:45pm update: There was a brief respite in the rain and I walked down the street to see what was happening. Massive destruction of trees–branches in all the yards–you should see ours–and no electricity anywhere. Down the hillside near where Sylvan turns into our street a big tree has fallen down on to the power line. I wonder why PPL has not shown up yet to cut the tree down and repair the power line.  While I was walking I met the neighbors coming back from dinner–they have no food either at their house–and it was so sweet, Joy offered me her cellphone and said I should keep it until the power comes back. SueAnn said I could go stay with her tonight as well — she has electricity there–but I don’t want to leave the doglings alone. I am glad I finished my classes today; it would have been quite difficult tomorrow to get to Williamsport to teach at the high school; my car is in the garage and I can’t open the garage without electricity. Bah, humbug, as Scrooge would say!


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