Posted by: gdevi | July 15, 2012

Pittsburgh – Day 1

We brought D, her friend Britt, and our niece Kalyani who is visiting us from the UK  for a quick visit to Pittsburgh.  We like Pittsburgh a lot; it is a beautiful old city with rivers, mountains, and beautiful, beautiful old bridges. We are staying at this nice Wyndham Grand facing the three rivers with a beautiful view of Mt. Washington. Our room is on the 20th floor and the girls are thrilled to see the Duquesne incline across from our window; at intervals we see the cable cars slowly inching their way up the mountain. The three rivers are the Allegheny from upstate New York, and Monongahela from West Virginia, which come together in Pittsburgh to form the Ohio river, and the three flow down to Cairo, Illinois, where they drain into the great Mississippi; at least a quarter of the water in the Mississippi comes from these three big rivers.  Amazing, isn’t it?

We took the girls to the Carnegie Science Museum in the morning; the major exhibit there this month is “Guitar.”  A really wonderful exhibit, but we also like all the other regular science exhibits. Lots of hand-on activities for kids to do; D played table tennis with a puck with a robot. Very beautiful exhibit of the early years of railway in PA; very very beautiful exhibit. We enjoyed the science in the kitchen demo as well; today they showed kids how icecream and custard are made, the science of making icecream and custard. We also took the kids to see the imax movie Tornado Alley.  Tornadoes are always sensational, and thus perfect for imax. I had a terrible time though; two chairs down from me sat this family–a woman, her son, and the woman’s boyfriend.  It was incredible–the couple were exhibitionists or something; the man had his hand on the woman’s inner thigh and kept rubbbing her thigh.  The woman was wearing this very short skirt. The woman’s son must have been six seven years old; he was completeely agitated and kept jumping up and down from his seat, and he kept trying to get his mother’s attention, but the mother was caressing the man’s hand who was rubbing her thigh. It was just absolutely bizarre.  At one point the boy pulled this woman’s other free hand towards him and she shook him off  violently; I think she was trying to please the boyfriend. Anyway, what the boy did next was unbelievable, straight out of a psychology textbook or a novel or something–I have never seen anything like it. He placed his hand on top of his mother’s hand, which was on top of the man’s hand, which was sort of between the woman’s legs. It was absolutely unbelievable. With this, the woman finally shook off the boy’s hand as well as the man’s hand, for a moment; he came back right away. I have never seen anything like this; most folks in our row were sort of trying to avoid looking at these folks, though we couldn’t because the boy was so agitated and disruptive. How sad. How sad for that boy.  I got a beautiful kaleidoscope from the gift shop; I used to love kaleidoscopes when I was a kid. I think I even tried to make one once with shards of colored glass.

We took the kids on the Duquesne incline to the top; beautiful views of downtown  Pittsbburgh. I will post pictures later. We also took the girls to shop for gifts and the kids wanted to eat at the Cheesecake factory. The kids had burger, chicken fingers, chicken taquitos, K had Jamaican pepper shrimp, and I had a shrimp creole; the food was all good. We went for a nice walk afterwards.  We are really enjoying our niece’s visit; when I first met her she was younger than D, and now she has grown into a wonderful young woman starting med school at the University of Manchester this falll.  A good day today; tomorrow we might go to the arboretum, or the aviary before heading back to LH.


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