Posted by: gdevi | May 24, 2012

A Garden by the Sun

Today, when there was a little respite from the rain, I started to work on my sun garden. I am so pleased with my garden after a year; all of my plants have come back up nicely. I shall post pictures when the rain stops. Anyway, I was weeding and mulching when my daughter came out to join me. What are you doing, mama, she asked me. Weeding and mulching, honey, I said. Can I help you, she asked. Sure, I said, get some gloves so you don’t cut yourself.  What is that plant, she asked me. That is beebalm, I said. Would you like to learn the names of all the plants in this garden, I asked her. Yeah, she said. Okay, here we go, I said. I walked her through all the plants, outside in: beebalm, salvia, delphinium, verbena, yarrow, poppy, rudbeckia, peony, coreopsis, daisy, iris, sedum, trailing sedum, forget-me-nots, primrose, moss, hollyhocks, phlox, foxgloves, silvermound, lamb’s ear, phlox, sweet woodruff. The tree in the middle is dogwood. Can you remember them all, I asked her. Okay, mama, she said. How about this–I will tell you the names of all of your plants? You mean you will learn them? I asked her. Yeah, she said. So while I weeded, she practiced identifying the plants by their names. When she had practiced enough, she recited them all correctly back to me.  It was quite impressive; she recited them all correctly. That is a lot of plants for a twelve-year old to remember. Good job honey, I said. You know you should write them down, I said. How about this, she said. She went inside, got a notebook and wrote a “poem.” Is it okay if it is dramatic, she asked me. Sure, honey, I said; I love dramatic. Go ahead, I said. Here is D’s poem about my garden.

A Garden by the Sun


What a lovely flower.

The sun shines down on this beauty

with rays filled with extravagance.

As to its majesty, Salvia . . . a glorious flower,

Salvia brings lights to this sun garden.


These majesties are only a petite number of their princes, princesses, kings and queen.

But the great ruler . . .

the gracious, happiness filled sun.

A garden by the sun.

An amazing setting of beauty

filled with flowers dancing in the early summer breeze.

As the sun sets

the flowers slip into darkness

and await the beginning of a new day.


Beautiful, honey, I said, I love it. It is a wonderful poem, I said. Now, mama, can you please buy me a baseball neck band? I know the names of all of your plants and I wrote you a poem, she said. Can you please get me a baseball neck band? What is a baseball neck band, honey? I asked. It is this amazing thing you get on–it is for baseball. Okay, I said. It is only four dollars, she said. Can you get me two, so I can give one to Aylin, she said. Sure, I said. Learning the names of eighteen odd plants, plus writing a poem — all for a baseball neck band–I’d say it is a fair trade, wouldn’t you?


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