Posted by: gdevi | May 15, 2012

The history pill

From my daughter’s sixth grade notes discovered while cleaning the dining table:

“Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 in Sabroso. He discovered the strait of Magellan and led the first expedition around the world. He also discovered and named the Pacific Ocean. In 1521, he was killed by a poison arrow of a native on one of the Philippines islands.”

That “discovering” was going so well — Magellan strait, the Pacific Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, nation, the Pacific Ocean! — up until that poison arrow on one of the Philippines islands. What was Magellan doing in that Philippines island? Did Magellan “discover” the Magellan strait?  You mean he happened to share the same name as a strait? He “discovered” the Pacific Ocean? How does one “discover” the Pacific Ocean?

All these sea-faring men, just going about and “discovering” things until a poison arrow from a native stops them. Hmmm.

I have to say though that I am thoroughly enjoying my first day of vacation. I honestly cannot believe it. I am still transitioning into a summer state of mind though it is raining here quite a bit. Hey, I am not complaining. I got up as usual at quarter to six helped my daughter get ready for school and after she left for school went back to bed and slept till 10 o’ clock! I am so horrifically sleep-deprived during the semester that there is nothing I like more than to catch up on sleep when I can. And I have my stack of thrillers and detective novels and potboilers to read–I don’t want to read anything for work yet! — and I have my list of movies all picked out to watch over the week. Plus garden. Sleep some more. I made a nice spinach and mushroom quiche, tilapia with tomatoes and garlic, potatoes with cheese, and fresh grilled asparagus for K and D for dinner; it is so wonderful just to stay home and not have to think of grading or teaching or prepping or anything.


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