Posted by: gdevi | May 12, 2012

San Francisco – Day 3

I have to say that my internal clock is completely messed up — I wake up at odd times of the night – 2 am 3 am etc because my body and mental clock are still on PA time — it is 5 am or 6 am for me. California is terribly behind! And just when the conference sessions finish and folks are beginning to go out for dinner, I feel extremely sleepy and I cannot eat anything — because to me 7pm is actually 10pm and I cannot eat that late. I am used to living in two time zones when I travel to India but the 10. 5 hours leap ahead in time is more manageable than the three hours coast -to-coast difference. India and the US are completely distinct in their time zones–morning and night distinct; makes it a lot easier to adjust to the change in routine.

Anyway, good conference sessions. A wonderful session on organic research methods by Dianne; really really thought-provoking one. I greatly enjoyed it. The talk about sustainability and ecotones was very good as well.  Our paper was received well as well. In between I have been spending time with Sunita, Greg and Claudia and Enzo. Dayani, you would love playing with C and E! Lovely adorable children! The conference is in San Francisco; my aunt and I are staying in Palo Alto at this good bed and breakfast place Cowper Inn close to where Sunita and Greg and the kids live. So we take the metro to SF. It is an hours ride each way, but you get to see SF that way. Yesterday evening, I walked all the way to the Stanford campus and saw the arboretum and the Rodin sculpture garden; it is about a straight 10 blocks from Cowper Inn. Beautiful campus!

I will see you soon, honey. I have known this for a while now, but I really don’t like traveling; I would much prefer to stay home and work on my garden or read. I wish professional conferences were right next door to Lock Haven! I very much look forward to being home. I want to finish grading and posting grades–due Tuesday–and then work on my garden and clean up the backyard. The backyard is my summer project.  Plus the Humor and the Film Studies book. The gardens in Palo Alto are just stunning; I wish I could take some of these plants back with me to PA. I like the gardens in the Northeast, but the plants here seem too vivid and gigantic.


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