Posted by: gdevi | May 5, 2012

Nowhere Left to go: The Jehalin Bedouin

Watch the entire documentary here, narrated by Alice Walker.

11: 15 pm update: So I watched the supermoon tonight at the recommended time – 11pm according to the newspaper — and while it is not super big, it is truly bright. Looks like a Japanese postcard–seeing this luminous moon through the branches of black trees. Very very pretty.  Here is a romantic song for the moon, an old Malayalam song, very very pretty song really; all kinds of interesting metaphors! All this useless nonsense they write and sing these days in Malayalam movies–listen, why don’t you listen to these old songs, and learn how to write properly? And Baburaj was such a great music director!

A selection of supermoon photography from around the world here.


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