Posted by: gdevi | March 21, 2012

Back to LH

Thank you for sending me the picture of the blister on your finger, honey; mama is leaving in a few hours. I will be thinking of the blister; it is beginning to look better, don’t you think? I think you will be fine soon. I miss you, sweetie, and I will see you friday evening, okay? I love you.

I am glad I came and saw my father. I am glad I was able to help mother with a bunch of things in this house. Don’t think anymore about the things I threw away, dear parents; honestly, you didn’t need them. I was able to make very very quick visits to see my family folks, K’s family folks, and today go teach a class at the Women’s College; my teachers asked me if I would teach a class. I spoke about gender and humor; the students seem to have liked the class and learned something. Sajitha, your parents came over for a quick visit; Vinayan sir came for a quick visit; and Shari came to the women’s college to listen to my class. So overall, a visit that met all its ends. The kanikkonna trees are in full bloom all over early this year; so I have seen an early vishu as well. Mama made a quick trip to get some freaky-deaky (sorry Elmore Leonard-I have always wanted to use freaky-deaky in a sentence!)  things for you, honey; I also got some beautiful gifts for Nic, Lisette, and SueAnn.Thank you, my dear friends, for teaching my classes and doing everything for me. I am forever indebted.

I am leaving for the airport around 6 in the morning; Emirates leaves from Trivandrum at 11am. Trivandrum-Dubai-JFK.  I reach JFK friday morning at 7am. Then it is home to Lock Haven and back to teaching on Monday! I have so much work that just thinking about it makes me paralyzed.


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