Posted by: gdevi | March 16, 2012

More administrative reforms

1. Mother had nearly 75 photographs mostly of us and our kids–Appu’s and mine– and other kids and cousins stuck and kept all over the house. These are very beautiful photographs and they were there stuck here and there collecting dust and mildew. This has been a point of contention all these years between mother, appu and myself. Mother refuses to have them put in an album. I want to see them always around me, and not have to go to an album, she says. Anyway this time I found that mother had taken them all down in preliminary efforts to do something with them. What an opportunity! I removed the tape from all of them, dusted them and cleaned them and I thought I would buy a few frames and frame them all for mother and hang them here and there so she can see them. But nothing is as simple as that in Trivandrum. After much calling and checking I discovered that it is not possible to buy a frame anywhere in Trivandrum. You have to go the frame stores pick the frame you want and they will cut it and size it and mount the picture for you. I tried telling them that all I need is a frame that I can work on myself. No dice. So anyway, I went to this framing studio near where my parents live took all 75 photographs with me and explained to the young man who works there that I would like them laminated and then mounted on a frame. Anyway, they did them quickly overnight and I picked them up today–beautiful framing–they did a wonderful job laminating the photographs and framing them in these lightweight frames. Very reasonable price too. Tomorrow I will hang them on the wall. Which should be interesting because I believe the walls of this house are made of pure rock. I will probably keel over with a heart attack by the time I am done hammering nails in the wall.  My father has just given me a strange-looking tool which will apparently help me drill into the concrete. Concrete? Don’t be modest. Let us call a rock a rock. The Incas have the Machu Picchu, we have pure rock walls. But mother will have her pictures around her tomorrow.

2. I also called this young man who makes mosquito mesh windows and had him measure all the windows of this house and install mosquito mesh frames on them. I also did your room, brother dear; you all would be fine when you visit. I completely cleaned out and dusted your room; it is sparkling clean now.

3. Tomorrow after the rock-drilling I plan to finish throwing out unnecessary things. I told mother that the rule-of-thumb to preserve rock, paper, and plastic should start with this moment of self-reflection: when it is time for you to decide if you should keep item “x” or throw it, you should ask yourself, “have I used item “x” in the last one year? Do I intend to use it in the next one year? If you answer “no” to both of these questions, then it means that you don’t need “x.”

I am downsizing this house, giving it a haircut. I also wish to point out that people in this great state have forgotten how to speak Malayalam, our mother-tongue. Everyone speaks Malayalam (on television) with an English accent. What an act.


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