Posted by: gdevi | March 7, 2012

Early spring

It is so warm here today; it feels like summer. I opened all the windows and aired out the house. (See, kids, the difference between a preposition and a particle? “air out the house” – “air the house out” (particle). “I went out (preposition)) Ideally, I would have started my garden seeds on a day like this, so they will be ready to plant outside in a little over a month’s time. I will wait this time, though. I am leaving early morning tomorrow for JFK and from there to Trivandrum, India. My father is seriously ill and I am going to visit him. Thanks Nic, Lisette and Mark for taking care of my classes and my students. Special presents for you from India! I will miss you so much, honey; be good with Dad, go to school on time, do your homework, practice the piano, and help dad with things, okay? I love you, and I will see you on the 23rd. I will miss you so so much; take care, honey.  I will miss your spring concert and the bandfest. I will miss you so much. I don’t have a phone so check your email and the blog, okay? Love you, mama.


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