Posted by: gdevi | February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to y’all! Here are some good songs for the day. These are all songs that I grew up with; folks in my family sang these songs.  Happy valentine’s day, dear everyone!!!

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss (1907)

Talat Mahmood, Mohabbat hi na jo samje woh zaalim pyaar kya jaane

Mohammed Rafi, Zikr Us Parivash Ka

Begum Akhtar, Yeh na thi hamari kismat

Asha Bhosle, Shauq har rang raqeeb-e-sar-o-saman nikla

Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar, Chalo dil dar chalo chaand ke paar chalo

Mohammed Rafi, Dil jo na keha saka wohi raaz-e-dil kehane ki raat aayi  (Some day when I have time I will write about Rafi’s songs and this song will be at the center of it. What a song!)

Bill Evans, Waltz for Debby

Chet Atkins, Darling Je vous aime beaucoup

Ella Fitzgerald, Too marvelous for words (You know I absolutely love love love Ella Fitzgerald! A little behind the beat a little ahead do you hear the time signature and how she swings her phrases? Just too marvelous for words!)


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