Posted by: gdevi | January 23, 2012

State change

There was just this one brief moment as I walked into Raub this morning for my class when I felt that I had stepped through the portals into another world. I think it was seeing all the students walking so purposefully from class to class; my own state of mind had been different–I had not transitioned completely from the home state of mind.  And yet we are all in the same place and time. School started today for the spring semester, and as usual there was no parking in any of the faculty parking lots (students tell me that they already budget money each semester for parking tickets–students feel quite fine with parking in the faculty decal spots– I just shake my head at their green student decals parked in row after row under the proud legend Faculty Parking Lot; so much for all these distinctions! Faculty! Student! Bah Humbug!– as a result of which faculty end up parking away in the distance in what are known informally as the “loser lots.”) I parked in prime loser lot today. Good exercise walking that distance in the slush and the snow. Lots of familiar faces and some unfamiliar faces in the classes. Because I taught an overload in the fall, I only have three classes and an independent study this spring. Students were happy to be back, they said; the vacation got a bit too long, apparently. Well, giddy up then; we start our readings in earnest on wednesday. I whetted their interest by telling them the frame story of Thousand and One Nights. Scheherazade the storyteller.  It feels like a good semester; overall, a calm day.


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