Posted by: gdevi | January 20, 2012

Redistricting problems

Usual redistricting problems in Texas; amazing really, year after year, and nobody cares! Absolutely amazing!

And Rebecca, you must be sad today because Etta James passed away. Here is the Guardian obituaryfor you. What a sad life; sort of like Amy Winehouse’s. I don’t know her music at all, except this song she sang with Chuck Berry--I am a Chuck Berry fan. She is not really a rock singer; too strident tone for that. Here is my favorite Chuck Berry-Keith Richards video.  Don’t you just love YouTube? Nation, please sign all the anti-SOPA and anti-PIPA petitions–it is terrible if they shut down the internet. Rest in peace, Etta James!

ps. Article about gawking tourism in India. I had a similar distressing experience when I was in San Francisco some years ago. The group of people that I was with insisted on walking through Castro Street to, you know, look at the “homosexuals.” It was incredible; I just wanted to run away, and after a while, that is indeed what I did–I said I had to call home and went back to the hotel. Or folks in Dallas who say let us go to Harry Hines Boulevard in the evening and look at the prostitutes. Who is next? People who wear orange shirts?



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