Posted by: gdevi | December 14, 2011

Fire Assistance – LHU University Players

LHU’s University Players are collecting donations of money, clothes, household supplies–really, anything at this point–for the Barton family that lost their home and everything in it in the fire last weekend. Here is what the family needs urgently:

cleaning supplies

various building supplies materials (anything from nails and screws to windows, doors, wood, etc.)

tarps, garbage bags, work gloves

food – perishable and non-perishable

Pet food, pet bowls

clothing: Dad – Pants 30 – 30, shirts M/L, shoes 10 1/2 wide; Mom – pants 9/10 long, shirts M/L, shoes 8 1/2; Daughter – (18 years old) in High school, Pants 11/12 long, shirts M/L, shoes 9 1/2; Daughter – (9 years old) pants 10/12 girls (she won’t wear jeans) Shirts M/L, shoes girls size 3.

Winter wear, blankets sheets, dishes, kitchen things (really need these items)

Bed linens, pillow, mattress

Usable furniture

School backpack, books, pencils, pens, binders, folders, games, books

If you can think of other supplies a family with two children would need, please bring them by. Items can be dropped off at the Fine Arts department, 401 N, Fair View St. Sloan Fine Arts Center. First round of collections by Thursday (tomorrow) 9:00am. You can also write to me here, and I can direct you to the right place. Thanks all.



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