Posted by: gdevi | November 30, 2011

Save the bones for Henry Jones

I had a good time helping out at the Holiday dinner at the student union this evening. Students were hungry, and it was interesting to watch what they ate. Watching someone eat is a good way to observe their real selves. I have always wanted to open a diner and this evening I got a chance to check that out as well. At first I cleaned the serving areas, and then this wonderful lady Viola, and this wonderful man, Jeff, took me to the grill at the back. Boy, what a lot of meat. And I am a vegetarian. I made hamburgers, a special pork burger that was already made with hot sauce (the special this evening; I assembled it), regular hot dogs, grilled chicken, and then finally moved on to grilled cheese, my specialty. I have always wondered what it was like to cook on one of those long grill things; diner chefs look so busy and professional when viewed through the haze of that comatose aroma of meat, onions, cheese, and all kinds of sizzling things. Several of my students who have heard me speak about the benefits of vegetarianism grinned when they saw me guiding different kinds of meat around. That is right, I told them, only on Wednesdays!!! How many burgers, chicken patties, hot dogs etc do they eat, I asked Viola. I don’t know, she said, lots. Thank you, food service folks, for letting us come into your kitchen. Happy holidays!


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