Posted by: gdevi | November 16, 2011

The next meal

Apparently scientists have identified the hunger hormone.

I believe this hormone thing in relation to hunger, because hunger makes you pick the worst kinds of foods. I am hungry most of the time, because I rarely eat a proper meal other than supper in the evening. I almost never eat breakfast in the morning unless on weekends–and I love breakfast, it is perhaps my favorite meal–during weekdays I am trying to get my daughter to school in the morning and I normally have no time to eat breakfast. I drink a couple of cups of strong coffee and go off to work. I teach all day and in between I might snack on something–I have a big jar of peanut butter in my office and once in a while when the hunger pangs make this gouging pit in my stomach I eat big spoonfuls of peanut butter. Must be the high protein content, it makes you feel replenished right away. I work and I work some more. And I always have students waiting to see me for something so I rarely get time to eat. The hunger gets filed away somewhere inside my head.

So today when I was walking back to my car after my last class at 5pm I was thinking to myself what I would like to eat. I had visions of fluffy pancakes with plenty of syrup and butter and hash browns and eggs over easy and hugely buttered toast  — the diner breakfast.  When I was in grad school I distinctly remember this — I had similar horrible eating habits because fundamentally I was always working and hours would pass before I realized that I had not eaten anything– the food I used to long for was peanut butter cookies. I had never eaten peanut butter cookies in India (we eat peanuts as nuts in India) and I absolutely fell in love with them when I ate them for the first time in the US.  Sweet and salty and nutty and soft all at the same time.  What a concept! I would go about all day thinking of going to Hugo’s and getting some peanut butter cookies for myself.  My favorite kind of cookies, I have to say. Neither D nor K are particularly fond of peanut butter cookies, so when I make them, I eat most of them all by myself. I like making cookies for the holidays–I make the sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies and short bread cookies that everyone likes, and then I make these peanut butter cookies with the Hershey kisses inside them, for myself! I do love peanut butter.

When I came home this evening, D was with the swim team and K was at the Y and I had some time before supper so I made this wonderful sandwich for myself–grilled eggplant with grilled tomato, couple of slices of muenster cheese, and slices of fresh avocado on this wonderful bread toasted and I spread it with this hot pepper relish I got from the Amish store. It was so good and I felt so good eating it. God I was so hungry. I almost don’t feel like eating supper anymore. It was so filling. I am glad I was so hungry all day; you appreciate food when you are hungry.

This has nothing to do with food, but when I went to find the Peanut Butter song on YouTube I was looking through all the 50s 60s songs and found this Drifters’ version of Sweets for My Sweet Sugar for My Honey.  Don’t you just love YouTube?  I had never heard this version; I have the Sweet Inspirations singing this song and it is one of my favorite songs. The Sweet Inspirations women all have incredibly powerful voices and they sing this song incredibly beautifully. There is no other way to say it; like many of the Beatles songs, to me it is musical beauty personified. I could not find their version of this song on YouTube, but napster has one. Scroll down to listen to the song. (Do the pop-up blocker and all that. It will work.) It is a gorgeous song. Listen.


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