Posted by: gdevi | October 14, 2011

Conference day 1

Actually the conference started on Wednesday; so this is my conference day 1. I am staying at this nice little hotel Americinn, right next to the Minnesota State University. I had no idea that Minnesota had hills but apparently there is a ski resort somewhere here and this place is at quite an elevation. I flew from State College to Detroit; it was incredible– State College is a very small university airport–and they have one security line for three flights leaving at 6am. If you saw the line for the security check-up line you would think that it was La Guardia. I left home around 4 in the morning–doggies, you shouldn’t bark so much and wake everyone up!!! Oy!–it is a 45 minute drive to state college–but when I got to state college at 5am the line was already sort of snaking around. Anyway we all stood in line, stripped belts and shoes and waved our arms around for security Joan and then miraculously the planes waited for all of us–all 100 of us for the three different planes, thank God. To Detroit, I sat next to a science writer who said that she hated Macs. Really, I said. How interesting. I didn’t say anything; we have six Macs at home. She was off to a conference too, in Flagstaff, Arizona. What is it about conventions that the participants absolutely lose all sense of public decency? There was a bunch of women who boarded the flight from Detroit to Minneapolis–another convention on Teamwork — they were drunk at 7 am in the morning — they loudly discussed Bloody Marys with the usual cliches about eating their vegetables–time to retire this joke people!!– and some TV show called Moms Gone Wild. Several men were ogling them; it was sad. Dayu, you would like the car they gave me at the rental in Minneapolis — it is a fancy Kia Soul complete with a GPS.  Looks like a tent on wheels. Trying to get out of the Minneapolis airport onto 494 West reminded me of driving in Dallas. Nobody puts on their indicator lights when they switch. They cut across diagonally like they are trying to commit suicide. In Texas, they don’t signal either, but there the reason is obvious. They have ridden horses for so long and horses don’t have indicator lights. So the bucking broncos drive their trucks just like they ride their horses. I wonder what the reason is in Minneapolis.  The GPS got me all the way from the Minneapolis airport to the Mankato exit and then the battery died. Incredible, isn’t it? A nice couple at a Subway station gave me good directions to get from there to the campus and this hotel. I miss you, my darling. Eat your food, remember to read, and play with the doggies and help dad with things, okay? I will see you on Sunday. I am going to go find something to eat and then finish my paper. This is a nice clean room; it is already Fall here.


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