Posted by: gdevi | October 12, 2011

By the rivers of Babylon

More on Alabama’s anti-immigration law. You know when you study the political history of a country, you learn about the structure of that country’s political economy. Different nations are built on different political economies. The political economy of the United States was built on racism–a white hegemonic race that determined the course of the nation built on the undercaste and underclass of African Americans and their labor. While there were periods of less self-awareness about racial mistreatment of African-Americans by both blacks and whites–a few black people in the White House– and other buffer races used such as Jews, Asians and Middle Easterners , and even Hispanics–they were a buffer community once–to stave off direct aggression against Blacks–now the racist underbelly of America’s political economy is once again visible in Alabama’s anti-immigration law. There has been absolutely no progress made on the original political economy of this country. Remember how the slave owners of the 18th and 19th century used to divide the black family? Someone from somewhere “bought” each man or woman, boy or girl, took them to work in fields and plantations they owned wherever. Now more or less the same thing.  Nothing has changed. There is no clearer expression of the original white hegemony like this anti-immigration law.  This president appears to be part of that hegemony as well. What a shame.

Oct. 13

Another article from the Guardian exactly about the point I made above. The whole world knows what you are doing, Alabama. I don’t know the songs of Neil Young that much–though I like his voice and his tone–it reminds me of the sound of our instrument veena– lot of depth and distinct timbre–but boy that Southern Man song is right on the money, though they don’t want him down in Sweet Home Alabama. I find that Sweet home Alabama song really hard to understand rationally. The song has a twisted logic — “because my conscience does not bother me, why should yours bother you”? What kind of logic is that? Very strange and self-serving. They play that song here on the radio all the time. They don’t play Neil Young’s Southern Man. Hegemony works through cultural persuasion.


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