Posted by: gdevi | August 18, 2011


Remember those child-rearing books that tell you what your child will/ should do at different ages and stages–Dr. Spock, What to Expect the First Year are the two that come to my mind–at seven months babies are interested in mirror images, at one they begin finger feeding themselves, babble with inflection and tone, at two stand on tiptoe and run, at three separate from parents without anxiety (welcome school!), at four invent imaginary friends and tell stories, at five can tell difference between boys and girls, want to write to the president! etc–remember those milestones, emotional, intellectual, social and physiological that tend to create a lot of anxiety in most parents? Does my child meet all these milestones, most parents tend to worry at one point or the other in life. (Funny story–when my brother was a baby, he apparently took a long time to verbalize and talk. He was two and was still at the two word stage. He would tell Baby the woman who helped us in the house, “Beebee, laal,” which translated was “Baby, milk.” That was all he said. This worried everyone and my parents took him to our pediatrician. Dr. Krishnamoorthi checked him out; Appu was fine. Everything was clear. Clean bill of health. Then Dr. Krishnamoorthi told my parents, “You know everyone in your family talks so much. You also need someone to listen. Appu is listening.”)

The last couple of days I have been searching for the What to Expect at Eleven Years. I don’t think it is written yet. In the last week or so D and her friends–they have all become very curious about fire. Candles, flames, butane lighters, sparklers, anything with fire and flame. I believe this is a developmental milestone as well. I remember the day she learned to tie her shoe-lace correctly, not a simple task at all. I have been watching her learn to light matches. Such a small thing, and yet, can be so dangerous. Usually we light the sparklers for her for fourth of July etc. But this week the kids have been lighting sparklers by themselves. She found some left-over sparklers from July. She is also fascinated by the butane lighter. And last night she and friend R who is over for a couple of days tried to roast marshmallows over a candle. That is paraffin and bad for you, I told her. So now today we have to get a metal firepit for them so they can roast marshmallows somewhere out in the yard. All morning they have been lighting a candle and singing happy birthday to each other! There are matchsticks everywhere. Kids!



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